Pulling the upper block behind the head

This exercise involves the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles.its disadvantage is the position of the neck and head, which a person is forced to tilt forward. Because of this, exercise can lead to deformity of the neck muscles or the appearance of hernias. An alternative is to pull the Upper Block to the chest or pull the Lower Block. In these exercises, the position of the neck and head is less dangerous.

Swedish wall leg lifts with forearm support

In this exercise, the main load should fall on the abdominal muscles. But if they are not sufficiently developed, the body is lifted at the expense of the iliopsoas muscles. They overexert themselves and put pressure on the spine, which leads to its injuries. An alternative is to lift the bent legs in a vise on the crossbar. In this position, there is no support against the wall, and lifting the body is possible only due to the efforts of the abdominal muscles.

Rest from exercise

To be healthy, it is important for a person to maintain an internal balance. For athletes, this is also a balance between active training and rest. The processes in our body are cyclical, and the resources are exhaustive. Therefore, to achieve good results in a fitness club and maintain health, you need to restore energy and give the body a rest. But only proper rest can really restore your strength.

Do not neglect the hitch and stretch

Inexperienced athletes after completing the strength part of the training consider it completed. But for a workout to be really effective, you need to finish it with a hitch and stretching. Stretching has many benefits: it prevents injuries, accelerates muscle growth, and allows the body to relax. In a word, stretching is a mandatory part of the lesson.

Eat right

Immediately after physical activity, the protein-carbohydrate window opens. Since the blood glucose level decreases during exercise, it needs to be replenished with carbohydrates. It is important that these are slow carbohydrates. After all, simple carbohydrates contribute to sharp jumps in glucose, but do not restore energy.

Follow the daily routine

Sleep is the most necessary rest for the body. It is during sleep that many hormones are produced and the body recovers. At the same time, doctors and trainers recommend falling asleep and waking up at the same time. If you find it difficult to organize your schedule, try special apps that help you sleep healthier.

Visit the massage parlor

It's no secret that professional athletes have personal massage therapists who help them recover from training. This specialist is no less important than the coach himself!