Everyone knows that you need to train regularly. But how do you determine the optimal amount of training to achieve the best result?

What does the number of training sessions depend on?

It should be understood that such quantities are individual for each person. In addition, they depend on various parameters: health, motivation, physical fitness, sport, etc.professional athletes train 2 times a day, which should not be done by untrained people. Regarding training in the gym and strength training, you need to rely on the training program. If you work out a certain muscle group in one workout, for example, only the legs, you can work out every day.

The required amount of training for weight loss

First of all, you need to start from your diet. Without a proper and balanced diet, weight loss will not be successful. Training will also help you lose weight faster, as well as improve the quality of the body and stimulate the hormonal background. The number of workouts depends on the type of load. To burn fat during cardio training, you need to work in the pulse zone of 130-150 beats per minute. With such a load, the hormonal background will not be too active after the end of the workout. Therefore, you can practice every day for 30-40 minutes. During strength training with weights, the hormonal background is maintained even after you leave the gym. In fact, we lose weight while we sleep. Three training sessions will be enough for a whole week. But the load must be active.

Number of workouts for effective muscle building

In the process of building muscle mass, recovery is extremely important. Some people work hard, but they can't build muscle in any way. The time required for recovery depends on your body type. There are three of them: ectomorph (lean), mesomorph (with an average structure) and endomorph (prone to fullness). If a person is an ectomorph, he should not exercise every day, 2 times a week will be enough. Thus, the muscles and nervous system will be able to recover qualitatively. Accordingly, the mesomorph and endomorph need to increase the number of training sessions.